Wedding, Elopement, Portrait, and Landscape Photographer.


Who are you? Hello! My name is Vishal. Thanks for checking out my work and wanting to know more!

How do you approach the wedding day? I offer a documentary style approach to the wedding day experience and do my best to help facilitate an amazing and fun day! I have lots of fun with my clients and it usually feels like we are just hanging out. Turns out, I'm also getting awesome pictures of you, your partner, and your beautiful day!

Do you take any posed photos? For the group shots, posing is necessary. I will also pose you and your guests a bit though out the day. Not a total hands off experience but close. Contact me and we can meet and go over a full wedding day of pictures so you will know exactly what you are getting.

What is your background in photography?  I got my BFAs in Photography and 3-D Media from CSULB in California and worked mostly with film and video. I have lots of formal education and experience with lighting, retouching, color correction, file management, and how to be prepared!

Do you have backup equipment? Backups on backups. This is one of your most important days so I bring backup cameras, backup lenses, backup flashes, and photograph to two memory cards at the same time... so there is always a backup of your pictures.

Are you a natural light photographer? Sometimes. Most times. I can usually work with natural light to get the shots I want, but if extra light is needed I have no problems using flash or a video light for some pop. I like to use a mix of off camera lighting during the reception, dancing, and any time it is needed. If that is an issue, please let me know and we can find a solution!

Where are you located? I am based in Seattle, WA. I travel a lot for pleasure and weddings. I am always honored when asked to be part of a wedding near or far, and will do my best to provide you with a great experience and even better photos.


"You have a real knack for not only capturing people's true selves, but for making it look good too. However, it is more than that. For anyone, given enough time, can learn to frame and time a photograph correctly. So then this quality must be the result of there being something special about YOU. It is almost with an invisible hand that you reach into our minds and pull out that part of us that is unfiltered, fearless, and unabashed. And sneakily our truths pass the guards undetected to appear on our faces where you stand ready with a camera. And it is a glimpse of how you see us, and I am humbled to be viewed so lovingly."